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Psychic Reading
A glimpse of your past present and future in one reading. This reading gives you insight in what is to come have questions if he/she is the one? Wondering when you will meet your true love? Why has he/she returned? Will we reunite? Just a few questions that you may have- the reading will clear any confusion that you have encountered in this life time giving you a way to finally give you a sense of clarity. 


$150 for 30 minutes


​Relationship Reading

A reading focusing on love and friendship this will give you a update on your current love, past love or future love. Letting you have a glimpse of whats to come. I understand being with someone who is closed off and acting differently then normal can create such confusion and pain and knowing exactly whats going on can you give you some clarity into there what there thinking. 
If there is someone on your mind that you can’t stop thinking about and wondering after so long how the connection can still be so strong I can give you guidance into what there feeling and if your paths will come together again.

Palm Reading


Palm Reading

Palmistry also known as chiromancy, is the practice of telling fortunes from the lines, marks, and patterns on the hands, particularly the palms This reading will enlighten you by telling you what  the indents and lines in them what they say about you and whats to come for you these lines were created while you were being created in the womb each one signifying a specific outcome for your future  
I also offer specialty services 
* aura cleansing
* remove negative energy
* reunite lovers
* love reunification healing
* negative cord cutting
* love cleansing
* third eye opening
* chakra balancing
* past life healing
*also available for parties

 Chakra Reading $85 
The Chakras are energy centers that are within our bodies. One might say they are our spiritual bodies, that are connected to our physical bodies. There are seven majors chakras within us. If at any time one or more of these chakras become imbalanced, then our mind and body health can become compromised, or blocked. A block in our chakras can come from any type of traumatic or negative experience we've endured in our life. When we hold on to these experiences, and do not release them, these blocks then occur. Living with constant negative thoughts can also bring about blocks. Most times, we don't even know there is a block until our body all of a sudden develops some sort of symptom.  By the time physical symptoms do appear, it's can be a sign that the chakra has been blocked for a considerable amount of time. Most believe that the illness is causing the blocked chakra, but in reality, the block may have caused the illness. Chakra Balancing enables healing to accelerate in the body and bring about wellness to body, mind, and spirit. 

A chakra reading will give you a sense of  how and why things seem so off balanced and what chakras are out of balanced. Getting this reading today can change your future for tomorrow.

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Tarot Reading

$40 for 10 minutes

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Past, Present, & Future

Tarot Reading

Each tarot card being turned over will enlighten you on what is happening with your current situation and answer questions you need answered. Focusing on the present and future while you are shuffling the cards the tarot will reveal many different subjects in your life that you need guidance on. 

Psychic Readings

Psychic Reading

$65 for 15 Minutes

Chakra Reading