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Past, Present, & Future

Placerville Psychic is here to guide you to a better tomorrow in a kind swift and honest matter. She will connect with your energy and make it possible to finally have that clarity your craving for in Love, money , and family.

I specialize in Love. I have reunited thousands of clients to there twin flames , kindered spirits and soul mates. Placerville Psychic will heal your broken heart and help you in any situation you currently face and even ones that have yet to occur.  

Placerville Psychic is someone who can clear any negativity standing between you and your true path. She has for over 15 years also removed any dark clouds over someones life by performing aura clearing. She also specializes in chakra healing and balancing.

There are seven chakras aligned inside of you each one effecting your future in one way or another. Have you ever wondered why you have so many set backs or every time your 3-4 steps forward something has always come in and pulled you  5 steps back? This is because there is a in-balance inside of you and realigning them will finally give you that balance in life.

Listen , I know at times you sit there confused not knowing which way to turn wondering when this life will change for you and even accepting what is, thinking that it won’t get better, but don’t settle! Just by calling today will give you clarity on how to turn these set backs into a amazing future.